CARIUNITY: Bryan Jasmin inspires us to be “go-getters and doers in life”

CARIUNITY had the pleasure of reaching out to fitness coach and founder of O.D.F, Bryan Jasmin, this week. We asked him about the O.D.F brand, how his culture has influenced him, and his top goals for 2019.

The O.D.F brand and movement

CARIUNITY: What does O.D.F stand for and what inspired you to launch this movement?

Bryan: O.D.F stands for Overly Dedicated Family. It’s a brand that represents hustlers, go-getters and doers in life.

Culture inspires

CARIUNITY: How has your culture inspired your work ethic?

Bryan: My Haitian culture inspired my work ethic a lot. Coming from the “first black republic to gain its independence” means a lot to me. That’s really big. It goes to show that if you don’t like your situation, it’s up to you to change it. You can overcome anything if you tap into that potential that’s in you and back it up by faith.

O.D.F goals for 2019

CARIUNITY: Can you share one of the main goals you’d like to achieve this year?

Bryan: One of my main goals for this year is to build brand awareness, collaborate with some great people, and do some type of community project.

CARIUNITY is inspired by the way Bryan’s culture has contributed to his success. Make sure to follow him and keep up with his dedication to wellness, culture, and community. We enjoyed learning more about the O.D.F brand and look forward to seeing the world channel their inner hustler, go-getter, and doer in 2019 and beyond!


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