CARIUNITY: Jahazeil Myrie drops new music ahead of debut album

We’re honored to feature the vocal journey of soaring artist rising out of Kingston, Jamaica, Jahazeil Myrie. He is a brilliant singer/songwriter who has explored the depths of his musical style in the studio since age 16. He tells our team that his Jamaican roots have contributed to his success by means of authenticity. We were inspired by Jahazeil’s approach as we interviewed him and learned about some of the exciting projects fans can expect to see this year.

Jahazeil Myrie describes himself as a “free spirit”

The debut album: “I am Jah”

CARIUNITY: You’re working on putting the final touches on your album which is set to release soon. What can your fans expect to hear and can you describe the vision behind your debut album?

Jahazeil: Well, for the album, it has a lot of positive vibes and vibrations. It’s more like a life album talking about the day to day basis. It’s a positive project that anyone can relate to.

Music that makes an impact

Jahazeil encourages us to celebrate life and cautions us about the people we choose to let into our circles through lyrics he has penned:

  • Give thanks mi nuh naked / happy time mi celebrating / so mi stepping up / mi getting love / badmind nuh want me smile / dem hating
  • Inna life you haffi learn / half of them only want what you earn / leave dem alone

CARIUNITY: You wrote the hit single “Hold on”, and previously mentioned you relate to those who struggle with depression. You’ve also talked about an individual who reached out to you personally to share that the song helped them to reconsider committing suicide. When facing challenges, what lifts your spirits and restores your faith in moving forward?

Jahazeil: What uplifts my spirits is God. I always pray to God and I always know that God is by my side. I have faith in God and that [faith] uplifts my spirit to continue to move forward.

The future of Mr. Myrie

CARIUNITY: Are there any international artists you would like to work with in the future including ones outside of your genre?

Jahazeil: I would like to work with Jay Z, 50 Cent, and a lot of artists out there in the international space. [cites Bajan native and superstar, Rihanna]

CARIUNITY: In addition to making progress toward releasing your debut album, what other projects can fans expect to see from you in 2019?

Jahazeil: The date has not been set for the album to be released as yet, but it’s still in the process. I have a couple other projects. I’ve been working on a lot of singles with my brother, Jahleel Myrie. Crazy work, crazy collabs, so just look out!

CARIUNITY: You have a natural energy on stage and a gift for inspiring people through music. What is the one song you will never get tired of performing?

Jahazeil: I will never get tired of any song, but my favorite songs to perform are “Hold on” and “Who am I” released in 2016 and 2017.

Who is Jahazeil Myrie?

CARIUNITY: Aside from being an artist, what do you want fans to know about you as a person?

Jahazeil: I am a humble person. I love to write. I love to give jokes because I’m a joyful person.

CARIUNITY: What tips do you have for new artists entering studios for the first time?

Jahazeil: Just know that you have to be prepared and be ready for anything. Always come prepared and have confidence.

CARIUNITY: Our platform shares how Caribbean culture has influenced the success of many artists, local business owners, and community members. How has your culture influenced your music related projects and overall work ethic?

Jahazeil: It has impacted my career in a good way because we talk what’s real and what happens in Jamaica.

Jahazeil credits his culture for his success and speaks highly of how his background has impacted his career. His songs are stories and reflections of what he sees and he uses his careful observations as inspiration for songwriting. It was a pleasure getting to know Jahazeil outside of what many know of him. He was born into music and it is a part of his family. We found that beyond his individual artistry, his lineage, he is both humble and joyful. CARIUNITY looks forward to his continued success this year.


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