CARIUNITY: Farah Jeune wants people to feel validated, seen, and celebrated!

Our Female Founders Month celebration continues as we highlight the works of Founder of Farenheight TV, Farah Jeune. We thought about a few different ways to introduce her. She is just one of those beautiful and genuine souls with work that speaks for itself. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the ways she advocates to feature the beauties of our cultures, our journeys, and the roots of our stories. Meet this beautiful QUEEN!

CARIUNITY: Can you walk us through the creative process that went into developing Farenheight TV? Did you have a clear idea of how the show would develop or is it a project that has evolved over time?

Farah Jeune: I have been proudly producing ºF-TV for over 3 years now. It first started as a way to build my portfolio (and my confidence) but after every production, I became more passionate about it because of my love for people and community. I love putting people in the spotlight and recognizing people and organizations who are building and empowering our community and culture around the city and beyond. It’s super inspiring to see us sharing our talent with the world, having conversations about social issues and further bridging us together through dialogue and performance arts.

When I first launched it, I knew I wanted to produce a variety of content because I get bored easily lol and more importantly because I admire hearing different stories. Over time, as my platform grew, so did my mindset. I began treating my passion project like a business and created a website, a logo that actually represents my brand and episodes that were more diverse in storytelling and artistic expression. It’s definitely grown a lot this past year because I produce monthly episodes now! I host, edit, produce and illustrate all of the content for ºF-TV. It’s very exciting, a little stressful but so rewarding! I hope overtime we can grow as a platform for people to express their work and passions with us!

CARIUNITY: Farenheight TV is listed as a live variety show. What can viewers expect to see and what message do you hope to convey to your audience?

Farah Jeune: ºF-TV produces content such as lip-sync battles, interviews on community heroes/local organizations, deep panel discussions and LIVE performances by various dope artists in the city. Overall, we produce content that can inform you about what’s going on in our culture, we
discuss social and health issues and content that can uplift your soul! You can watch our LIVE episodes on BNN Community TV every month! Boston Channels (Comcast 23, RCN 83, Verizon 1960) and follow us @FarenheightTV to keep up with all of our latest news. We always share clips from our episodes on Instagram-TV as well!

CARIUNITY: “We celebrate greatness” is a great (pun intended) line quoted on your website. What does greatness mean to you?

Farah Jeune: Greatness means living your best life! It means you’re living or pursuing your passions. It means you’re shamelessly expressing who you are to the world with pride. And it also means that you’re doing things to build a legacy, rather that for your own family or your community. I think so many of us paralyze ourselves because we are so afraid of judgement, rejection or failure. But sometimes we have to go through those adversities in order to get to the light and discover who we are. That to me is how we can live in our greatness.

CARIUNITY: We’re impressed by your level of creativity and versatility. You are a producer, artist, model and work on innovative projects . What is one thing you would like to do next that you haven’t had the chance to work on?

Farah Jeune: Thank you ☺ I hope to launch my own art store and get into voice-over acting. Big dreams but life’s too short not to try!

CARIUNITY: How has your culture impacted your career, work ethic, and overall success?

Farah Jeune: I believe my multi-cultural upbringing definitely shaped my character both professionally and personally. Growing up in an urban environment, I’ve definitely seen and experienced people living in poverty and impacted by various forms of violence. However despite the social and economical circumstances I’ve seen my peers live through, their resilience is what always motivated me to want to shine a light on them. To me, the people I grew up with and admired from afar are my community heroes. Rather that’s the grandpas down the street playing dominoes on a hot summer day or the ‘hood’ girls taking fierce pictures for Instagram, they are absolutely beautiful in my eyes. A lot of my production and artwork centers around putting their unique stories in the spotlight. I think it helps people understand each other more or most importantly, what I hope, is that they recognized their own greatness. Too many times, some people who grow up in impoverished neighborhoods feel like they are limited by their circumstances. It’s hard and even though there’s various ways one can grow and thrive, it can definitely be challenging. I hope that if someone sees my work, they feel empowered to go after their dreams. I hope they feel validated, feel seen and feel celebrated. Witnessing the resilience in others is what greatly shapes my own work ethic and overall growing success.

CARIUNITY: What challenges have you faced? What keeps you motivated?

Farah Jeune: Whooo, so many challenges lol but a blessing in terms of growth and confidence. When I graduated college in 2013, I was ready to take on the world with my passion for television production. But after a handful of job rejections and feeling like I was drowning in debt, it was really difficult to hold on to my optimism and confidence. However, I am a person who hates to live with regrets so I started investing in myself and taking chances. A lot of my early work, I didn’t know what I was doing but I was proud of myself for trying anyways. I experimented with ideas and concepts. I accepted the failures and even when my inner circle wasn’t as supportive or worse, I allowed self-doubt to lead me into depression, I would keep trying. Modeling helped a lot with my confidence. I love fashion but I am more of an introverted person (which is hard if you want to be a tv host). So I started participating in runway shows not only because it was fun, but it allowed me to channel my alter-ego (Farenheight). Now when I am producing a show or going to an interview, I pretend I’m on that runway and I show up as my best self.

I think what motivates me is my peers, Black culture and my dreams. Producing, editing and creating content solo is a lot of work to do for a TV show, especially if you have high expectations, little time and living in a digital world where social media followers can determine how great you are. I am always nervous and a little self-conscious whenever I share content but now I don’t allow negative thoughts to roam my mind. I produce just because I LOVE to do it and my mentality is to do it anyway with little concern for validation from others. I try to live in my greatness.

CARIUNITY: We’re celebrating Female Founders Month and featuring women who have taken a risk to pursue their dream. The sacrifice behind the scenes often goes unnoticed and we want to share the hard work that you are putting in! What advice do you have for fellow women in business who are just starting to launch?

Farah Jeune: Don’t give up! Know that it’s going to be hard because anything worth having will come with many sacrifices and adversities but don’t let those obstacles stop you, let it motivate you. Be sure to always check your mental state and practice self care. What keeps me afloat is my motivational playlist I created on Spotify. Music heals me in times of doubt and frustration. Make sure you find or create something that allows you to release. Make a plan and follow through with realistic goals. Also, I would say trust the process. It’s definitely easier said than done but leading with faith and not fear will take you far. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve It.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

She closes out her interview with sound advice: Don’t forget that there’s greatness already in your DNA. LIVE YOUR LIFE, LIVE YOUR DREAM, NO FEAR.

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